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Airmeith Salon Strength Facial Cleanser

How to Use

Apply a very small amount to the face.
Spread it evenly over the entire face. Let it set for 5 minutes or so.
Wipe it off with a very warm cloth.
You will feel it working. It may tingle a bit.
Over the next few days your face will feel clean and will look years younger.
It comes in either 7 oz or 1 oz. To order go to .Order Page

Helichrysum infused Jojoba Oil - Helichrysum is an antioxident and anti-aging agent. It exerts a regenerative action on skin cells. Jojoba Oil resembles the sebum the body naturally produces to keep the skin moist. It contains vitamins E and B. more

Frankincense Oil - promotes regeneration of healthy cells and keeps existing cells healthy. more

Sandalwood Oil - is an antiseptic and keeps sores, boils and pimples from becoming septic. more

Neroli Oil - helps regenerate skin cells and promotes smoother skin. more

PalmaRosa Oil - retains moisture, relieves inflammation and repairs damage done by aging. more

Vetiver Oil - speeds up the eradication of scars and marks on the skin. It promotes growth of new tissue more

Vitamin E - regulates vitamin A which is important for healthy skin. It is a powerful antioxidant which reduces or prevents sun damage. more
Air Meith

Air Meith was the daughter of Dian Cecht the master physician of the Tuatha De Danann.
She and her brother, Miach, were accomplished physicians as well.
Their father became jealous of their healing abilities and killed Miach.
Air Meith grieved by his grave. Her anguished tears soaked the earth around.
Returning one day she found that her healing tears had given life to the earth.
Three hundred and sixty five herbs now grew on Miach’s grave.
And each revealed its secrets for curing specific maladies of the body.
Air Meith arranged these herbs on a cloth according to their properties
but Dian Cecht again allowed jealousy to control him and he scattered the drying plants to the wind.
We now need to entreat Air Meith for her knowledge and blessings.
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