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The essential oil of Myrrh is extracted from the resin of Myrrh. Myrrh, in scientific nomenclature system, is called Commiphora Myrrha and is a native to Egypt. While the resin was in use in incenses and perfumes in ancient Egypt, the oil obtained from it was used for healing Wounds in ancient Greece. Apart from being very reputed oil in the field of Aromatherapy, it has plenty of medicinal uses too. These are Antimicrobial and Antiviral: This does not let microbes grow or infect you. It can be used against any ailment resulting from microbial Infection, such as Fever, Food Poisoning, Cough & Colds, Mumps, Measles, Pox and Infections on Wounds. It has no adverse side effects unlike other Antibiotics, such as weakening of Liver, malfunctioning of Digestion etc. Some of myrrh oil's healing characteristics are that it is an Anti-Septic, Deodorant, Stimulant, and a Fungicidal agent and Tonic.

In the past myrrh was used by many cultures for religious ceremonies, to enhance Meditation and as a healing agent. It was mentioned in the Bible as a gift at the birth of Christ. The Egyptians believed in its healing powers: they burned it every day as part of their worshiping rituals. In the Greek culture when soldiers went to battle is was an essential part of their combat gear because of myrrh's extremely high Anti-Septic and Anti-inflammatory properties. It was used to clean Wounds and to prevent Infection. It was also used to prevent the spread of Gangrene in already infected parts of the body.

In today's society since it has a cooling action it is used to alleviate Ulcers, Sores, Wounds and Chapped Skin. It is also still used to prevent the spread of Gangrene. Some herbalists prescribe to help alleviate Athletes foot, Ringworm and Eczema. It can be used to help alleviate Wrinkles and to uplift aging Skin. It also is used to Rejuvenate mature complexions. One of the most important uses for myrrh oil is on older, Mature Skin. Dehydrated, traumatized, Dry Skin, and very diStressed Skin will react to an Aromatherapy oil treatment using myrrh oil. Even chapped heels react to myrrh oil. The oil prevents Skin degeneration so after a few treatments the Skin is Rejuvenated. Myrrh oil interacts with Skin cells so the free radicals that destroy the cells are eliminated. Toxins damage Skin cells and the result of that damage manifests as dry, Chapped Skin in some areas, and saggy, wrinkled Skin in other areas.

Myrrh Essential Oil is an Astringent. It strengthens hold of Gums on teeth, contracts Skin, Muscles, Intestines and other internal organs. It also affirms grip of Scalp on Hair roots,thereby preventing Hair fall. One more serious use of this property can be seen in stopping hemorrhage, when this astringency makes the Blood vessels to contract and checks flow of blood.

Expectorant: Good against Cough and cold. It fights the viral Infections which give Cough & cold as well as relieves Congestion and eases deposition of phlegm in the Lungs and Respiratory tracts.

Antifungal: It acts as a Fungicide too. It can be used internally and externally to fight Fungal Infection.

Carminative: Helps relieve you of those gases which often put you in embarrassing situations in public and cost heavy on your health by stealing your Appetite, slowing down Digestion, giving you Stomach aches and Headaches and sometimes Chest Pains too and by raising you Blood Pressure.

Stomachic: Myrrh Oil is beneficial for all-round health of your Stomach.

AntiCatarrhal: This property of Myrrh Essential Oil relieves you of excess Mucus and phlegm and troubles associated with it such as Congestion, breathing trouble, heaviness in Chest, Coughs etc.

Diaphoretic: It increases sweats and keeps you free from Toxins, extra salts and excess water of your body. Sweating also cleans the Skin-pores and helps the harmful gases like nitrogen escape.

Vulnerary: This property of Myrrh Essential Oil protects Wounds from Infections and makes them heal quicker.

Anti-Septic : You need not be afraid of little cuts and Wounds. This oil can take care of them and will not let them go Septic, since it is an Anti-Septic. It can protect you from Tetanus too to some extent.

Immune Booster: Myrrh Oil strengthens and activates the Immune system and keeps you protected from Infections

Circulatory: It stimulates blood Circulation and ensures proper supply of Oxygen to the tissues. This is good for attaining a proper metabolic rate as well as for boosting the Immune system too. The better the blood reaches to the corners of your body, the better the nutrients and Oxygen reach the body parts and they will function better and stay healthy

Tonic: This property is for a total good health. Being a Tonic, Myrrh Oil is anti-sging and tones up all the systems and organs in the body, gives them strength and protects them from Infections.

Anti-inflammatory: It sedates Inflammations in tissues in cases of Fever or viral Infections, in Digestive system resulting from ingestion of too much of spices with food and in circulatory system when something inflammatory or toxic gets into the blood stream.

Antispasmodic: It gives relief from unwanted contractions or Spasms and thus from Cramps, aches etc. Other Benefits: This oil is highly appreciated in Aromatherapy as a Sedative, anti depressant and as a promoter of spiritual feelings. This oil takes care of Uterine health and stimulates it, helps fading away of Scars and spots, is good in treating Skin ailments, pyorrhea, Diarrhea and Skin diseases such as Eczema, Ringworm, itches etc. It is also Emmenagogue which means that it normalizes menstruations.

Few Words of Caution: It can have toxic effects if used in excess. It should be avoided by Pregnant women since it stimulates uterus.

Blending: Frankincense, Lavender, Palma Rosa, Patchouli, Rosewood, Sandal Wood, Tea Tree and Thyme

This article was written by Aparup Mukherjee

Benefits Of Myrrh Essential Oil

Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art: Myrrh is beneficial for the Digestive and Immune systems. In Skin care, the essential oil is good for chapped, cracked, Sensitive, dry, or aged Skin and may reduce Dermatitis, Warts, Eczema, Bruises, Varicose veins, and Ringworm. The oil also inspires prayer and Meditation.

Aromatherapy for Dummies: Use myrrh to help relieve Varicose veins, candidia, Herpes blisters, dry Hair, chapped/cracked/aged Skin, and mouth and gum diseases. This oil supports the Immune system.

The Heart of Aromatherapy: Use myrrh in daily Skin care to help Rejuvenate damaged Skin, soothe Skin irritation, and calm Inflammation and redness. The essential oil provides Respiratory support and helps clear mucous and Congestion. The oil promotes emotional peace and tranquility and is useful for Meditation and contemplation.

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: Myrrh can help relieve gum Inflammation and is useful in a mouthwash or mouth rinse.

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Myrrh may help relieve Coughs, excess mucous, and Bronchial Congestion. For the Skin, use the oil for Wounds, Sores, ulcerations, Eczema, Skin Infection, Ringworm, scabies, and Insect Bites. Other uses include gum disease, mouth Ulcers, and nail fungus.

The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils (updated edition): In Skin and body care, use myrrh for Athlete's foot, chapped and cracked Skin, Eczema, mature complexions and Wrinkles, Ringworm, and Wounds. The essential oil may help relieve Arthritis Pain, gum Infections, Gingivitis, mouth Ulcers, Sore throat, voice loss, mucous, Coughs, Colds, inDigestion, Flatulence, and Appetite loss.

Aromatherapy For Healing the Spirit: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energy of myrrh is warm and dry, making the oil useful for those who are lethargic, cold, and congested due to weakness of the Spleen-Pancreas and accumulated dampness. The essential oil calms the Nervous system and soothes, clarifies, and grounds the Intellect (Yi). Spiritually, the oil supports inner stillness and peace.

Aromatica: A Clinical Guide to Essential Oil Therapeutics, Volume 2: Psychologically, myrrh stabilizes the mind and promotes integration, stability and strength, and cognitive flexibility. Physically, the essential oil restores hypoTonic/weak conditions and dries congestive/damp conditions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the essential function of the oil is to constrict fluids, resolve damp, and stop leakage and discharge.

Subtle Aromatherapy: Use myrrh in Meditation and before healing sessions. The oil is especially useful for people who feel emotionally or spiritually stuck and want to move forward.

The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing: Spiritually, myrrh is beneficial for grounding and protection in spiritual ceremonies and rituals. Mentally, the essential oil can stabilize thoughts and help you align with the vibration of safety. Emotionally, the oil helps heal, stabilize, and sedate rampant emotions and heal energetic Wounds from trauma.

Aromatherapy and Subtle Energy Techniques: Myrrh grounds, warms, calms, protects, and strengthens. It helps us let go of the past and move forward. The oil is especially useful for the seventh Chakra to strengthen spirituality, promote spiritual calmness, and assist moving forward on a spiritual journey.
Myrrh Oil Uses and Recipes

Reduce the appearance Stretch marks: Mix 5 drops each of myrrh, frankincense, and grapefruit essential oils with 1 tablespoon coconut oil. Rub onto Stretch marks twice a day.

Soften lines, Scars, and other Adhesions: Blend 3 drops myrrh essential oil and 3 drops helichrysum in 1 tablespoon carrier oil.

Strengthen nails: Mix 10 drops each of myrrh, frankincense, and lemon essential oils into 2 tablespoons of Vitamin E oil. Rub on cuticles once or twice a day.

Menís aftershave splash: Combine 3 drops frankincense and 3 drops myrrh in 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) jojoba oil. Apply after shaving.

Diffuser blend: 2 drops frankincense, 2 drops myrrh, and 1 drop sweet orange.

Aromatherapy inhaler to help clear the Congestion of Colds: Add 7 drops myrrh and 7 drops eucalyptus globulus essential oil to the inhaler.

Sources: 101 Ways to Use Essential Oils from Dr. Axe, 18 Best Immunity Oils by Aromatherapist KG Stiles, 150 Ways to Use Essential Oils from Edens Garden, and Aromahead.
Warming Massage Oil for Pain Relief

Use this massage oil for tight, tense Muscle aches. This warming oil works best on areas of the body experiencing stiff, stagnant Pain. Great for Arthritis.

1 ounce (2 tablespoons) Trauma Oil
8 drops myrrh
6 drops ginger essential oil
6 drops elemi essential oil
One 1-ounce PET plastic or glass bottle

Fill the empty bottle with jojoba oil. Add the essential oils, screw cap on tightly, and shake.

Source: Essential Living
Massage Oil for Immune Support

10 drops myrrh essential oil
10 drops tea tree essential oil
8 drops lemon essential oil
8 drops thyme essential oil
6 drops geranium essential oil
5 drops elemi essential oil
4 ounces (1/2 cup) carrier oil

Source: New Directions Aromatics
Lip Balm

Use this balm for severely dry, cracked, chapped lips. This recipe fills four to five 1/8-ounce (4-ml) containers.

2 tablespoons light coconut oil
1.5 heaping teaspoons beeswax (use more for a firmer balm or less for a softer balm)
25 drops myrrh
15 drops patchouli essential oil
10 drops helichrysum essential oil

Use a double boiler over low heat to melt and combine the coconut oil and beeswax.
Remove the mixture from the heat and let cool slightly.
Stir in the essential oils.
Pour the blend into lip balm containers. Refrigerate to cool.

Adapted from The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide