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Olive Oil
Whether applied to face or body, olive oil will penetrate deep into the Skin and provide a long-lasting shield of moisture to keep Skin smooth and supple. Used either as a night cream or daily Moisturizer, it is best applied to damp Skin, when water can help reduce any feeling of greasiness. We recommend using extra virgin olive oil.Our readers have also suggested that a little lemon juice mixed with olive oil can provide a more bracing and refreshing feeling. Expect the natural benefits of olive oil to take a bit longer to be absorbed into the Skin than most lightweight packaged Skin products. But the advantages can be longer lasting too.

Exfoliator: If dry and scaly Skin is a problem, mix olive oil and sea salt in a rub and massaging it into the affected area to slough off dead Skin and enrich the healthy layer beneath it. Or add a few tablespoons of olive oil with a drop or two of lavender essential oil in a bath. This is a luxurious way to relax, soothe and moisturize the whole body.

Nail and Cuticle Care: Extra virgin olive oil makes the perfect, simple solution for dry nails and cuticles. Simply rub a few drops into the cuticle area and around the nail. Cuticles stay plump and moist, and nails respond with a natural shine.

Eye Makeup Remover: Just a drop or two of extra virgin olive oil on a cotton pad is all it takes to gently and effectively remove eye makeup without irritating the delicate Skin around the eye area. The biggest added advantage is that when used consistently, olive oil can soften the Skin around the eyes and smooth out Wrinkles.

Some have found that a mixture of olive oil & salt works very well for Acne. You can make a paste mixing 4 parts salt with 3 parts olive oil. Apply the paste gently to your face using your fingertips. You can leave it on for a couple of minutes before gently rinsing with warm water and perhaps a mild soap. You can start by using it daily before bed for the first week. Then gradually decrease the application to 2-3 times per week. Both salt and olive oil have AntiBacterial qualities. The salt pulls water out of your Skin. The salt also works as a scouring agent, mechanically removing dead Skin and dirt. It is better to use extra virgin olive oil which is the 'fruit juice' of the olive. Pure and light olive oils both contain chemically oils that are more likely to cause Skin irritation. The olive oil's Antioxidant components help heal your Skin. Olive oil functions as a Skin Moisturizer. And olive oil does not leave a reside that will clog pours. Remember that some people's Skin is irritated by olive oil, so, as always, use with care and, if possible, under the advice of qualified medical practitioner.

Some have also suggested a diet that includes lots of extra virgin olive oil as part of a strategy against Acne

Hair CARE AND OLIVE OIL: When used on Hair and Scalp, olive oil can be considered two products: a deep Conditioner and a Dandruff controller. After Shampooing, massage a mixture of equal amounts of olive oil and water into your Hair.Leave on for 5 minutes, then Shampoo and rinse. Your Scalp will benefit from healthy conditioning; your Hair will respond with more shine and strength