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Yellow Dock

Alternative Names: Rumex,Narrow dock,curled dock, Narrow-leafed dock, Garden patience & Sour dock

Yellow dock is a small perennial that prefers full sun and average soil , growing up to about 4 feet in height.This leafy plant found in North America and Europe has a history of valuable properties on both sides of the Atlantic. Yellow dock belongs to the Polygonaceae family.It flowers in June to August & fruit are in the shape of small triangular nuts.The lender leaves characterized by wavy-curled margins are 15-25 cm long in size . Its leaves are taken for food while both roots & leaves are used as herbal medicine.Its branched stem is 0.3-0.9 m high . The root
reaches to 20 to 30 cm long & about 1.27 cm thick fleshy, and generally not forked.Its root has yellowish-brown color, which accounts for its general name.

Yellow dock has been used since ancient periods for many of its medicinal actions.It has a long history of use as an Alterative.The Native Americans used the vast medicinal benefits of yellow dock very highly.It has nonspecific benefits on the Gastrointestinal tract and the Liver. Due to this , they are thought to cure Skin conditions attributed to toxic metabolites from poor Liver function & poor Digestion .American herbalists enjoyed the various uses of this general plant during the 19th Century.In present times yellow dock tea is recommend as a treatment for the Liver and gallBladder. Virtually there is no scientific report available to support the benefit of yellow dock as an effective remedy for Psoriasis or Acne.

Properties: Alterative. Gentle Purgative. Cholagogue. Mild Laxative. Mild Astringent Tonic.

Yellow dock has high iron amount makes it efficacious for correcting anaemia.It is strongly recommended for the blood disorders, spring eruption, scrofula ,chronic Skin diseases & scurvy. It can be taken as a Tonic and Laxative in Rheumatism, as an Astringent in piles,bilious complaints Bleedings of the Lungs.As it roots has Laxative, Alterative & mildly Tonic property. The ointment is helpful for itching, Sores,Swellings and scabby eruptions

Yellow Dock is used as a Blood Purifier, improving the flow of bile, improves the function of the Liver, Kidneys, Lymph Glands, and Intestines .It is used externally as an antiSeptic and an Astringent.It is valuable in Jaundice and as a Tonic to the Stomach and the system generally.

Yellow dock has been used externally to treat the followings: Skin cuts. Swelling. Rashes. Boils. Burns. Bleeding Hemorrhoids. Dog Bites. Wounds. Insect Bites.

Yellow dock is also recommended in the following pathologies: Syphilis. Scrofula. Cancer. Tuberculosis.

Side Effects: Long use of yellow dock can lead to a blood disorder called metabolic Acidosis & may cause intestinal atrophy or low potassium in the body.It may cause mild Diarrhea in some people. Call your doctor if you feel Nausea,seizures, abdominal Pain, Diarrhea, Vomiting
,fatigue, confusion, Muscle Spasms, and numbness around the mouth.Yellow dock should not be used to a person with a history of Kidney Stones , Liver disease,or an electrolyte abnormality,since the oxalates & tannins content in it may aggravate that condition. Drugs that decrease blood calcium, such as Diuretics, Dilantin, Miacalcin, Mithracin. should not be used by the people taking Yellow dock in the same time.Yellow dock is not recommended for Pregnant or nursing women.