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Camphorweed (Heterotheca subaxillaris) Medical uses: Externally applied camphorweed is diminishing to Pain, Inflammation, and the fluid build-up of acqute injury. The plant's medicinal qualities lend themselves well in treating numerous acute accidents - Sprains, contusions, etc.

Specifically, camphorweed inhibits inflammatory mediators within injured tissues and Wounds, diminishing subsequent Edema and Pain.
There are qualitative differences in how to properly use camphorweed versus true arnica (arnica montana and others). At first glance, they seem slight, because both are used topically for Painful episodes, but the differences are marked. Camphorweed is a tissue Sedative, lessening the reactive process that brings about Inflammation. Arnica actually heightens the body's response locally by increasing white blood cell activity. This is why conventional herb wisdom calls for arnica to be applied 'when it hurts to move', not 'when it hurts to be still'. Use arnica when the condition is sub-acute and not when the problem is hot, fiery and throbbing. Use camphorweed when the injury is acute and Painful, particularly if the Pain does not stop when the injured part is at rest.

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Helichrysum infused Jojoba Oil - Helichrysum essential oil reduces Inflammation in the Nerves. Thus the cause of Nervous Pain is alleviated. Jojoba Oil resembles the sebum the body naturally produces to keep the Skin moist. Its contains vitamins E and B.

Melissa Infused Jojoba Oil - Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), is considered a calming herb. It was used as far back as the Middle Ages to reduce Stress and Anxiety.

Campherweed Infused Jojoba Oil - Camphorweed is diminishing to Pain, Inflammation, and the fluid build-up of acqute injury.

Myrrh Oil - It sedates Inflammations in tissues in cases of Fever or viral Infections, in Digestive system.

Eucalyptus Oil Oil - A potent Anti-inflammatory. It owes these properties to its capacity to stimulate Circulation by opening up the Blood vessels. This flushes out the Toxins from the system.

Vetiver Oil - Pacifies all sorts of Inflammation in both the circulatory and Nervous system.

Shea Butter - Anti-inflammatory